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The Trailer for Channel Zero: The Dream Door Reminds You This Is The Scariest Show on TV

For three seasons now, Syfy’s Channel Zero has been delivering true horror to TV. Presented in an anthology style with each season based on a different internet legend (a creepypasta, if you will), Zero places viewers in surreal environments with utterly disturbing monsters that just make you feel bad all over, and the trailer for season four, called The Dream Door, looks to continue the show’s reign of terror. Door focuses on the newlyweds Jillian and Tom, who discover a strange door in the basement of their new home. Explaining a Zero plot can be a little hard since the show so effectively exists like a running nightmare, but we can be certain that whatever lies beyond that door is seriously bad news — and you’ll meet one very big piece of bad news in this first trailer. Dream Door starts airing on Ocotber 26.

Channel Zero: The Dream Door Trailer Has A Heinous Monster