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Conan Debuts a Captain Marvel Trailer That’s Somehow Even More ’90s

During his monologue on Thursday night, Conan O’Brien unveiled an entirely new Captain Marvel trailer that takes a deeper look at the film’s ’90s nostalgia. More specifically, it examines the fact that at least one scene in the film takes place at a Blockbuster. But there are still many, many questions this trailer leaves unanswered. For instance: does she buy any of the overpriced candy by the register? Does she know about the late fees? (Someone should tell her about the late fees.) Also, is she just carrying the empty display box up to the register? Because that’s not how it works. And while we’ll definitely sit through two hours of Captain Marvel watching Batman, hopefully there’s at least a post-credits sequence that addresses whether or not she remembered to rewind.

Conan Debuts a Captain Marvel Trailer That’s Even More ’90s