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Daniel Radcliffe Will Politely Tolerate Your Harry Potter Memes

Daniel Radcliffe has to be the best sport in the world. The actor, who has no choice but to live at the absolute closest proximity to Harry Potter mania for the rest of his natural life, appeared on The Tonight Show on Wednesday to promote his new play The Lifespan of a Fact. But first, Jimmy Fallon couldn’t help but show him Harry Potter memes for a full two minutes, and he was so, so cool about it. To be fair, he did seem to actually enjoy the video of a cosplay Hermione dancing. But there’s no question Radcliffe would really just like you to come see his play, even if just to try and catch him watching football on his phone in a cupboard (which nostalgic Potter fans will be happy to hear he does actually have to go in for awhile.)

Daniel Radcliffe Politely Tolerates Your Harry Potter Memes