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How Donald Trump Broke Kenan Thompson’s Cardinal SNL Rule

Donald Trump. Photo: NBC.

Donald Trump’s 2015 SNL hosting stint, to put it lightly, seemed like an eternal dumpster fire sprinkled with gasoline for all of the cast involved. He apparently couldn’t read, tried to improvise, and gave poor Sia diarrhea. Who does that! But for the show’s golden boy Kenan Thompson, there was one thing our president did that trumped the rest of his actions, which was taking a Very Important Call in the midst of a table read for a potential sketch. “He’s a business guy, so if his phone rings, he’s like, ‘Hello, business,’ ” Thompson told Rolling Stone in a new interview. “That sketch died in that moment. That’s so unfair for the writer, who might’ve been up all night trying to type that shit. To not recognize the effort that goes into it is pretty shitty.” Shocker that his episode was a black hole of comedic antimatter.

Donald Trump Broke Kenan Thompson’s Cardinal SNL Rule