Love in the Time of Mozzarella: See Emma Roberts in a Clip From Little Italy


Are you as curious about the pizza-themed romantic comedy Little Italy as we are? Call it Emma Roberts’s Voyage to (Little) Italy: In this clip from the film, Nikki Angioli (Roberts) is welcomed home to her parents’ pizzeria. Nikki’s homecoming is complicated by a long-dormant romance between her and Leo Campo (Hayden Christensen), the son of the rival pizzeria family across the block. Ah yes, love-a in the time-a of mozzarella: In this clip from the movie, Nikki’s family lovingly badgers her as soon as she walks into the pizza kitchen. Will Little Italy resume your Jumper-era crush on Hayden Christensen? Mayhaps! But will you leave the theater and order pizza on the way home? For sure! See it in select theaters and on demand September 21.

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See Emma Roberts in a Clip From the Rom-Com Little Italy