emmys 2018

John Mulaney Jokes His Wife ‘Made the Right Decision’ for Not Coming to Emmys, Even After He Won

J.J. Bittenbinder must be so proud! John Mulaney, a Very Nice Boy, netted an Emmy thanks to the Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special category for Kid Gorgeous, and he’s very happy to walk away with the brass, thank you so much for asking. “I want to thank my wife, who is in New York tonight. She was very busy and said to me ‘I just can’t fly across the country to watch you lose,’” he explained from the podium. “I still think you made the right decision. I wanna thank everyone who represents me, and their assistants, who do all the stuff.” Never forget your “street smarts,” kids!

Emmys 2018: Watch John Mulaney’s Fantastic Speech