Henry Cavill Is Either Very Okay or Very Not Okay About Maybe No Longer Playing Superman

Henry Cavill. Photo: zhangjingtao/VCG via Getty Images

Earlier today The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that British actor Henry Cavill would no longer portray Superman in the DC cinematic universe. The news came as reports swirled that the actor’s scheduling conflicts with his role in Netflix’s The Witcher made him unable to appear as Superman in next year’s DC film Shazam! Warner Bros. has since issued an official statement saying “no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films,” which kiiiind of clarifies things. But tonight, Cavill himself weighed in on the issue with an even more cryptic video on Instagram. Wearing a “Krypton Lifting Team” T-shirt and holding a Superman action figure, Cavill stares directly into the camera as dogs bark “The Blue Danube,” which could be comedy or tragedy depending on how much you like dogs and Strauss. The post was shared by the actor on Twitter with a monocle emoji (which could mean anything, I mean, he’s British) and the caption, “Today was exciting #Superman.” So, either Cavill is happy he’s still in the game, or blowing off steam that his role is in question. It all depends on what you see when his piercing gaze meets yours.

Henry Cavill Posts a Cryptic Superman Instagram, Is He Okay?