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Netflix Has Insatiable Desire For More Insatiable, Orders Season Two

Insatiable. Photo: Netflix

The Netflix series Insatiable stirred up a lot of controversy before its release, and then a lot of, um, very critical reviews after it finally dropped on Netflix. But the show Vulture called an “Utter Disaster” will ride again for season two, Netflix has announced. In case you missed it, Insatiable stars Debby Ryan as Patty, a girl who has battled weight issues her whole life, but loses 70 pounds and gets hot after having her jaw wired shut for several months. (She got in a fight with a homeless man over a candy bar.) Thin Patty then sets out for vengeance on those who persecuted her. A lot more happens than that — as in a lot more — but suffice to say it was polarizing. Creator Lauren Gussis has support where it counts, though, with Netflix calling her back for a second Insatiable season. The cast responded with an entirely spontaneous series of video calls to one another, which you can see below.

Hungry for More Insatiable, Netflix Orders Season Two