American Zombies Will Ride the Rails in Producer James Wan’s Train To Busan Remake

Photo: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

If you haven’t watched the South Korean zombie film Train to Busan from 2016, do that right away! And if you love that movie, you can start anticipating the American remake, which was just announced by Deadline with horror master James Wan attached to produce. Busan cranks up the intensity of your standard zombie feature by setting the film almost entirely within a moving train. So yeah, it’s like the climax of Snowpiercer but the train is filled with raging undead. Joining Wan is screenwriter Gary Dauberman, who has recent credits like The Nun and the It films to his name, and his challenge will come not in re-creating the horrors of Busan — clearly he does horror — but in maintaining the often heart-squeezing emotional core of San-ho Yeon’s film, which is what so effectively set up the shocking gore and tension of his modern zombie classic. There’s no director onboard yet, but Dauberman is making his debut as a helmer with Annabelle 3, so keep an eye out for him doing double duty on this one, too.

James Wan Is Producing A Train to Busan Remake