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Jennifer Garner Explains How She Got Lost in a Kayak, and Found by a Hunky Swede

If you follow Jennifer Garner’s very good and very dorky Instagram, you already know that she recently got lost in a kayak with her daughter in Sweden. The barest description of that story alone is pretty good, but it gets better when Jenn tells it in full on The Tonight Show. First of all, she explains that she decided to take her daughter to Sweden, because she got invested in the country thanks to a class project and is now “maybe” a socialist. Later, she explains how, when they wandered into a shipping lane, she tried to keep things calm by going “La la la, let’s sing Mamma Mia! We’re in Sweden.” Finally, she describes her hunky blond Swedish savior Mattias, who really needs to get cast in a Mamma Mia! movie ASAP.

Jennifer Garner Got Lost in a Kayak in Sweden