the one that got away

Like You, Josh Groban Did a Spit-Take When Katy Perry Called Him ‘The One That Got Away’

There are only a few moments in life that merit a full double-take followed by a full spit-take, but Katy Perry publicly declaring you “the one that got away” seems like it qualifies. While on Watch What Happens Live, Josh Groban responded to a caller following up on Perry’s low-key bombshell, which the singer revealed during a livestream last year, and Josh Groban’s response was pretty much what you’d guess. “I was not expecting that,” he admitted Andy Cohen. “That was a double-take and a spit of my coffee when I saw that.”

Perry also said her 2010 song “The One That Got Away” was inspired by their relationship. You might remember the video, which featured an elderly Perry devastated by nostalgia and regret, but you can refresh your memory below. However, while Groban confirms they dated, and are now close friends, he’s pretty sure the song isn’t literally about him. He never had a Mustang or a tattoo, for example. And he certainly never died by plummeting off a cliff, as the video might have you believe. Groban wondered aloud, “Are you sure that’s about me?’

Josh Groban Shocked He’s Katy Perry’s ‘One That Got Away’