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Homecoming Trailer: Julia Roberts Gets a Wig and a Spooky TV Mystery

The trailer for Amazon’s Homecoming introduces us to several mysteries, not least of which involves what’s going on with Julia Roberts’s bangs. In the new series, adapted from the podcast led by Catherine Keener, Roberts plays a caseworker at the “Homecoming Transitional Support Center,” helping soldiers transition back to civilian life, though there are lots of question marks about what the facility is really up to. Stephan James (from Barry Jenkins’s If Beale Street Could Talk) plays one of those soldiers, Bobby Cannavale is the company man in charge, and Sissy Spacek plays Roberts’s mother. Mr. Robot’s Sam Esmail directed the series, which might explain all that negative space in every shot. Homecoming premieres on November 2.

Homecoming Trailer: Julia Roberts Gets Her Spooky TV Mystery