emmys 2018

Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson, RuPaul Kick Off Emmys With Song About Diversity: ‘We Solved It!’

SNL’s Kate McKinnon and Kenan Thompson kicked off the 2018 Emmy Awards with some fantastic news: We solved it! It being Hollywood’s diversity problem. Turns out, the solution is to just have exactly one of everyone. For example, now that Sandra Oh has been nominated, we don’t have to worry about any other Asian-American actresses getting Emmy noms: “There were none, now there’s one. And so we’re done!” Or as Oh herself put it in the bit, “It’s an honor just to be Asian!”

Joined by Tituss Burgess, Kristen Bell, RuPaul, Andy Samberg, and Ricky Martin (and, of course, the One of Each Dancers), the musical number let America know exactly where Hollywood stands. “With Roseanne!,” belted Titus Burgess. “Why, did something happen?”

In the end, RuPaul delivers the ornate telephone which delivers the devastating news: We haven’t solved it. And with that we segue into the Colin Jost and Michael Che’s monologue, and the night is off to the races! Which is hard to do with the cart being before the horse, but if anyone can do it, it’s Hollywood, baby!

Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson Praise Emmys Diversity in Song