Kevin Spacey Sued for Sexual Battery by Massage Therapist After a 2016 Incident

Photo: Getty Images

Earlier this month, one of the myriad investigations into Kevin Spacey’s alleged history of sexual misconduct were dismissed, as the statute of limitations on the particular case, which dated back to 1992, had lapsed. On Thursday, a new lawsuit was filed against the actor seeking damages for sexual battery, gender violence, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment, all stemming from an incident in which the actor allegedly assaulted a massage therapist in October 2016.

In the complaint, the anonymous man says he was hired by a third party to visit the Malibu home where Spacey was staying to provide a massage. Once there, the actor allegedly grabbed the massage therapist’s genitals, in addition to trying to kiss him and forcing the man’s hand repeatedly onto Spacey’s own genitals after the actor complained of “having some pain or discomfort in his groin area.” The massage therapist says he rebuffed Spacey and repeatedly asked to leave the locked room, but alleges the actor initially blocked access to the door “with his naked body.” The man would later report the assault to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Kevin Spacey Sued for Sexual Battery by Massage Therapist