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Hey Weirdo Stalkers, Noah Centineo Has Some Advice for You: ‘Stop Following Me’

If you don’t know who Noah Centineo: Netflix Bae and Mark Ruffalo’s Honorary Son is at this point, it’s best you do a quick Google search and report back, as the vulnerable heartthrob has put teens (and even adults) into a tizzy this summer thanks to two perfectly timed rom-coms. But to all the fans out there who think it’s “cute” and “spontaneous” to camp out and greet Centineo at airports whenever he travels, drink a few bottles of Yakult and contemplate your life choices. Because as Centineo recounted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night — citing one particularly unpleasant experience at JFK — it’s creepy and he dislikes it. “It was actually kind of scary. It was the first time you look at something and you’re like, My life is changing,” he said. “Stop following me. The rest is cool, but stop following me.”

Noah Centineo Recalls Scary Fan Stalking Experience