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Olivia Munn Was ‘Chastised’ by Fox for Alerting Predator Cast About Sex-Offender Scene

On Ellen this morning, Olivia Munn discussed how she has felt isolated after it became public that Fox cut a scene from The Predator that included a sex offender. The film’s director Shane Black originally shot a scene with his friend Steven Wilder Striegel and Munn, without telling her that Striegel had served six months in jail for sending provocative and flirtatious emails to a 14-year-old girl. When Munn heard about Striegel’s record from an acquaintance, she alerted the studio and called it out to her co-stars. Fox later cut the scene, but as Munn told Ellen, they “chastised” her for bringing it up to them in the first place. “When I did call my co-stars, I got chastised the next day for telling them,” Munn said, saying people at Fox wanted to know why she wasn’t keeping the story quiet — ‘it got deleted, what’s the big deal?’” Munn had previously said that Fox was also uncommunicative about what they were doing to remedy the situation behind the scenes.

When the story came out in the Los Angeles Times, Munn was the only cast member to give a statement and said she “had no idea how bad” the details of the story involving Striegel were. Munn said she was disappointed in her male castmates, who did not reach out to her the day the news broke and canceled interviews with her at the Toronto Film Festival (Sterling K. Brown eventually sent her a message of support, and Boyd Holbrook also gave a statement). “What’s really important for people to understand is when you see something you have to say something,” Munn said. “However, it’s not going to be easy. There will be people that just get mad at you for not playing the game.”

Olivia Munn ‘Chastised’ for Alerting Cast About Sex Offender