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Anna Kendrick, Somehow, Got Away With Calling President Obama an ‘Asshole’ to His Face

2012 was a simpler time, when we could call our President an asshole in an endearing, funny way and capture the moment for the masses to enjoy. Right? That’s a thing, right? That’s what Anna Kendrick did anyway, when she had the opportunity to meet President Obama at a Los Angeles campaign event, where the president wove in praise for Up in the Air during his opening remarks. “I hope I didn’t embarrass you earlier?” Obama asked Kendrick when they shook hands, to which she had the audacity to respond: “Yeah, you’re such an asshole.” A bonafide A-bomb! “I called him an asshole and scolded him for not knowing enough about the 50 states,” Kendrick recalled, “so that was what made him double over with laughter.”

There’s photographic evidence of the laughter, so congrats to Kendrick.

President Obama Called Asshole to His Face by Anna Kendrick