Quincy Trailer: Quincy Jones Isn’t Done Talking Just Yet


In the inevitable follow-up to his illuminating interview with our own David Marchese, legendary producer and honorary Vulture staffer Quincy Jones will be the subject of a full-length documentary directed by his daughter, Rashida, for Netflix. It’ll focus on how he became an icon, his health problems, his family (“I’ve got five daughters and one son. That’s why I have no hair,” he jokes), and his past. Kendrick Lamar, Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, and more all cameo. The tea isn’t boiling just yet in Quincy’s first trailer, but Jones does share wisdom about how he keeps his ego in check: “You have to dream so big that you can’t get an ego because you’d never fulfill all those dreams.” Quincy and all its secrets premieres on Netflix September 21.

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Quincy Trailer: Quincy Jones Isn’t Done Talking Just Yet