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Samuel L. Jackson Approves of That Pulp Fiction/Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Mash-Up

Photo: Miramax

Moved by the collective experience of watching this past week’s Brett Kavanaugh hearings in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee (and, presumably, remembering Pulp Fiction had a character named Brett, played by Luke Cage actor Frank Whaley), Twitter user @ohboyson created a Pulp Fiction/Kavanaugh hearing mash-up video worthy of Samuel L. Jackson’s time and consideration. “Check out the big brain on Brett,” @ohboyson tweeted, along with the video, which uses clips of Pulp Fiction’s “Big Kahuna burger” scene.

Luckily, the mash-up eventually made its way to Samuel L. Jackson’s timeline and the actor deemed it “funny as hell.” Even if, as Samuel L. Jackson notes, there’s nothing funny at all about its source material.

Samuel L. Jackson Approves of Pulp Fiction/Kavanaugh Mash-Up