Sarah Silverman Visits Jon Hamm and Adam Scott As All Our Old, Gross Presidents

On Thursday, Sarah Silverman took her Emmy-nominated Hulu show I Love You, America for an educational after-hours tour at the famed Hall of Presidents. And while the presidents there are already animatronic, we all know that in every museum the exhibits come to life for real after dark. This is known. This allows Sarah to realize something important about America’s presidents: they were all gross pigs. Well, except for Abraham Lincoln, played here by Jon Hamm, who seems like the “nice guy” of the bunch. The sketch itself is what we might call a veritable buffet of presidential impressions, from Jason Sudeikis’s Richard Nixon to Ike Barinholtz’s JFK. And be sure to stick around for dessert: a special appearance from The President Show’s Anthony Ataminuik, doing his quintessential Donald Trump.

Sarah Silverman Visits Jon Hamm and Adam Scott As Presidents