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Set the VCR Growing in Your Torso: David Cronenberg Is Developing a TV Show

Photo: Getty Images

David Cronenberg’s 1983 surrealist horror film Videodrome imagined a world in which television could control, supplant, and potentially destroy corporeal human existence as we know it. So, expectations are pretty high now that Variety reports the director is currently developing a television show. While attending the Venice Film Festival to receive a lifetime achievement award, Cronenberg revealed to a panel audience that he is “working on a long-form personal TV project” but “can’t talk about it yet.”

While he has directed episodes of other series, like Scales of Justice and Friday the 13th: The Series, the upcoming show would be Cronenberg’s first original foray into the format. While the director’s most recent features, A Map to the Stars and Cosmopolis, were dark and satirical, there’s no indication what topic or tone his new series will assume. That being said, if someone doesn’t at least make out with a undulating, aroused TV set in it, we’re going to be a little disappointed.

Set Your Torso VCR: David Cronenberg Is Developing a TV Show