This Family Comedy Pilot Starring Kristen Schaal Sounds Like It’ll Soothe Your Little Frazzled Soul

Kristen Schaal. Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

After a long, nightmarish week, sometimes you just want to put on a sitcom that makes you feel, even for a moment, like your heart isn’t about to anxiety-burst through your sternum. That’s why it would be really great if Simon Rich’s upcoming pilot starring Kristen Schaal turns out to be one of those shows. According to Deadline, the Man Seeking Woman creator has a put pilot commitment for the unnamed family comedy as part of his new two-year deal with ABC Studios. If the Schaal-Rich combo isn’t quirky and/or charming enough for you, the sitcom will also reportedly be “told from a child’s perspective” and explore “working together, overcoming adversity and getting the monsters in your closet not to eat you.” Boy, if that doesn’t go down real easy. Just a little baby Kristen Schaal, or maybe she’s the mom? Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.

Simon Rich’s Kristen Schaal Pilot Is Headed to ABC