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You Know Who Really Disliked That ‘Popular Film’ Oscar? Some Guy Named Steven Spielberg

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Turner

In a stunning display of a 180 pivot, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ “Best Popular Film” category was canceled earlier this week after its 29-day existence, owing to significant criticism from critics, viewers, and Hollywood folk alike. (And much to the chagrin pf Mark Wahlberg. Sorry, buddy!) While the academy said the cancellation is only temporary as it “merits further study” and “further discussion with our members,” a New York Times report claims that tensions were high among academy members while debating the point of the category, with two prominent people, in particular, letting their frustrations be known. “Some board members, including John Bailey, the organization’s president, voiced support for the category at the meeting, while others, including the actress Laura Dern, were adamantly opposed, according to two board members, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private deliberations,” the Times reports. Prominent member Steven Spielberg was also vocally opposed to the category, and he was described as being “uncomfortable” with its inclusion. You can say he knows a thing or two about cinema.

Steven Spielberg Was Opponent of Best Popular Film Oscar