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Tea With the Dames Clip: Maggie Smith Says Everyone Is Stuck With Judi Dench’s Hollywood Leftovers

Don’t you love it when a dear friend turns on you, spilling some real (and embarrassing) tea? It’s hard out there for an impressively talented and awarded British actress in her 80s, but even harder when you’re competing with Dame Judi Dench for every little Hollywood role. According to Dames Maggie Smith and Joan Plowright in Tea With the Dames, that’s the reality; when Dench says something about how the Dames could work forever if they keep being cast, Smith politely corrects her: “But you’re always asked first, if I may say so. I’m turning on you. It’s all coming out now!” Plowright has to adjust her hearing aid to hear this piping hot tea, but has gossip of her own to confirm: Even her American agent knows that Dench has her “paws” on everything fun. Tea With the Dames opens Friday, and will play at the Quad in New York City.

Tea With the Dames Clip: Maggie Smith and Judi Dench Gossip