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Terry Crews Shares the Apology Letter He Received From Adam Venit

Photo: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Last week, Terry Crews told Vanity Fair that he would not accept an apology letter sent to him by WME’s Adam Venit — nor would he cease legal action against Venit and the talent agency — unless the former head of the company’s motion picture department left entirely, instead of just being suspended and demoted, as he had been, for sexually assaulting Crews. And that’s exactly what happened: The parties have settled. WME agreed to pay Crews’s $375,000 in legal fees. Venit resigned (with his departure framed as a “retirement” due to “multiple causes”), and the agency cannot hire him in any capacity in the future. With his conditions met, Crews said that he accepts Venit’s apology, and today posted the full letter from him on Twitter.

Terry Crews Posts Apology Letter He Received From Adam Venit