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The Next Bachelor Is a Virgin, But He Got a Sex Talk From Jimmy Kimmel

Colton Underwood might look like a ladies man, but it turns out he’s actually a 26-year-old … well, look, he’s just a virgin, alright? It’s not actually that big of a deal, but it’s kind of the thing his TV persona revolves around. And as ABC’s next Bachelor, it’s one thing that’s sure to come up a whole lot this season. So Jimmy Kimmel, stand-up dude that he is, decided to sit Underwood down and give him a good old-fashioned sex talk. There are charts, words like “baby omelette”, bananas described but not seen, and the revelation that Underwood has in fact been to third base, so he’s not so much a virgin per se as he is a guy who just doesn’t have HPV yet. Anyway, in some states this video is probably the only sex education kids can get until college, so pass it on and remind them to take notes.

The Bachelor May Be a Virgin, But Kimmel Gave Him the Talk