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The Murphy Brown Revival Has an Episode About Whether to Interview a ‘Steve Bannon–Like’ Figure

Candice Bergen in Murphy Brown. Photo: Jojo Whilden/CBS

Murphy Brown comes back to TV this fall, hoping to grab the attention of viewers in D.C. and around the country — and probably specifically a few in the White House. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Candice Bergen and returning creator Diane English discuss a few of the topics they’ll cover in the upcoming season, including an episode about #MeToo titled #MurphyToo that will “look at both generations’ perspectives of the huge issue of sexual harassment,” according to Bergen, and an episode about whether to give a platform to a figure who resembles Steve Bannon. “There’s this whole debate. ‘Do you take the person on the show for ratings or do you not want to give this person a voice?’” English said. “Two days after we shot it, The New Yorker Festival pulled Bannon from the lineup.” Bergen and English don’t get into what position on the controversy the show might take, but they also promise that the series will include cameos from various political figures —“We haven’t closed the deals yet, but we have some real people coming on,” says English — and take on other controversies as well. “We’re only doing 13 episodes, and we wanted to make a little bit of noise with each.” Murphy Brown returns to TV on September 27.

The Murphy Brown Revival Has a Steve Bannon Episode