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Thom Yorke Releases Scary Pretty First Track From His Suspiria Score

Thom Yorke is really setting up Suspiria moviegoers for a hard fall. Today, the Radiohead frontman posted a song called “Suspirium” on YouTube, which is the full version of a track he teased via Twitter last week, and which we now know will be a recurrent melodic theme that plays through the film. It’s a beautiful piano piece with Yorke’s signature vocals coming in to serenade us — and trick us into thinking this is going to be some nice little movie. Granted, Yorke’s voice is always at least a little haunting and ominous, but “Suspirium” doesn’t quite invoke bones shattering and blood spilling. But maybe it does sound like your soul leaving your body after a ritual sacrifice? Get ready to go on a real ride with this one, folks! Suspiria starts playing in theaters on November 2, but the 25-song score will be released on October 26.

Thom Yorke Debuts Scary First Track From His Suspiria Score