Family Guy Will Have Trump Prey on Meg Next Season and We’re Already So Tired

Trump vs. Meg. Photo: Getty Images and Fox

Family Guy returns to Fox for its 17th season this weekend, and one thing we can count on happening during the next batch of episodes is a very special, very sexually inappropriate, double-episode story line Entertainment Weekly is calling an “hourlong event” in which Donald Trump “crosses the line” with Meg Griffin.

Speaking with EW, executive producer Alec Sulkin revealed that the two-episode arc will center on Peter as he becomes a local news commentator after his hair turns grey then gets hired as Trump’s press secretary, resulting in the Griffins moving to Washington D.C. Ivanka Trump and Meg become friends, Ivanka gives Meg a makeover, and then Trump takes notice. “We’re just playing to what Trump has already confessed to, say, on a bus,” Sulkin said. “And he has an encounter like that with Meg.”

This leads, according to executive producer Rich Appel, to “an epic, many-minute-long fight” between Trump and Peter Griffin, who Appel also points out “hasn’t been that paternal with Meg, but he certainly likes Meg [more] than he likes Donald Trump, and that’s saying something.”

Sulkin says there wasn’t really any pushback from the network about the episode. “Initially there was kind of a feeling of, well, the network is going to have to think about whether we can do this whole Trump episode,” he said. “And I think a couple things happened. One, they read the script and enjoyed it, and said, ‘Yes, of course you can do this.’ And two, something that helped is just that Trump continued to be so preposterous on a daily basis that it really made it seem like this was an episode that we had to do. It wasn’t something where we were going to be besmirching of the office of the president of the United States because, you know, he’s doing that for us.”

Trump Will Prey on Meg on Family Guy Next Season