Where Do We Even Begin With This New Kanye Video?

Kanye has not released a single music video for a single one of the trillion albums he made this summer, but don’t fret, because last night he creative-directed the mother lode of all visual hubs: Pornhub, specifically its first-ever awards show. And as part of his showrunning duties, he also dropped his first music video since 2016’s “Fade” for an obviously NSFW new song called “I Love It” featuring Lil Pump (executive-produced by Spike Jonze, and directed by Kanye and Amanda Adelson). You will probably, uh, not love it, unless your Pornhub fetish is Kanye following comedian Adele Givens down an endless hallway in a rectangular box fat-suit and those ridiculous oversize Yeezy slides all while calling himself a “sick fuck.” In which case, we won’t judg— you know what; yes, yes we will. Get help, friend.

This New Kanye Video Is All Sorts of WTF