Severe Weather Alert: Young Thug Releases ‘Dirty Shoes’ Video

On the heels of his record label Young Stoner Life’s compilation release Slime Language, Young Thug has released a video for the track “Dirty Shoes” that meets all expectations and then some. Yes, there are shoes. Yes, there is a lot of weed smoking. Yes, there are pretty ladies serving looks. But there’s also lightning, and a glass portal to some kind of special rap dimension that Young Thug and Gunna, who is featured on the track, appear to live in. Also everyone seems to be getting electrocuted repeatedly, but no one seems to mind until the song is about to end and the women start screaming. And rightfully so! Those shoes are way too nice to just leave in the rain like that!

Weather Alert: Young Thug Releases ‘Dirty Shoes’ Video