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Penn Badgley Tortures a Man By Denying Him Bareburgers in a You Clip

See, you can’t imprison a man because you have a crush on his ex and also feed him gluten, that’s just unfair. You, the Lifetime series that sends up gentrified New York and also has Penn Badgley stalk women and imprison their terrible boyfriends, is getting even more bonkers in its coming episode, as you can see from the above clip. Joe (Badgley) has trapped Benji (Lou Taylor Pucci) in his creepy book preservation slash torture room, and he’s trying very hard to be nice, even if he’s depriving Benji of the sushi and/or Bareburger he’d like to be eating right now. Now, we can agree Benji definitely doesn’t any of this, but also, what a douche.

You Clip: Penn Badgley Tortures a Man in Bookstore Basement