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Just Wanted to Take Another Look at You, A Star Is Born: A Photo Essay

Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born.
Paul Newman’s blue eyes are suing Bradley Cooper’s blue eyes for intellectual property theft. Photo: Warner Bros.

The most fun part of A Star Is Born second only to watching A Star Is Born and crying over A Star Is Born — is talking about A Star Is Born, specifically one scene highlighted in the trailer. “Hey,” Bradley Cooper’s deep voice says in the trailer (and in the movie, too, but come on — you’ve seen the trailer, right?). “What?” Lady Gaga, makeup free as singer-songwriter Ally, asks. They’ve just met at a drag bar and spent a whole night getting to know each other. Cooper’s blue eyes glisten. “I just wanted to take another look atchu,” his sunburned country singer Jackson Maine replies. And just like that, a romance is Born, and an iconic line is also Born.

More attention should be paid to this act of taking other looks, so here is a photo essay in which many looks are taken: at Jackson, at Jackson’s greasy hair, at Ally — I’ll even take another look at Ally taking another look at herself. Why, you might ask? Well, go see A Star Is Born because if you yourself have not been Borned, then maybe you won’t understand the importance of taking another look!

Give Jackson Maine’s colorist a Nobel Prize. Photo: Warner Bros.

I could pencil in taking several longer looks atchu, Bradley Cooper’s greasy highlights!

This shirt — it snapped! Photo: Warner Bros.

Lady Gaga’s Ally, who just wants to take another look at herself.

“haAAAHhahaha aaahHH HaaaahHAaaaaaHAaaa!” Photo: Warner Bros.

I just wanted to take another look at you, “Shallow” scream!

La Vie En Brows. Photo: Warner Bros.

Hey, Lady Gaga’s electrical-tape eyebrows — could I take another look at you?

Dave Chappelle in A Star Is Born. Photo: Warner Bros.

Wise, concerned Dave Chappelle? Hey. I just wanted to take another look at you.

Brotherhood! Love! Resentment! Photo: Warner Bros.

Sam Elliott, 74, taking another look at Bradley Cooper, 43.

Last night at dinner my friend’s mom misunderstood me and thought that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga had a love child and I said that love child was me. Photo: Warner Bros.

Well, hello, montage of happy times! I just wanted to take another look at you.

“Music to My (Covered) Eyes” Photo: Warner Bros.

Lady Gaga, in a scene where she would very much like to not to take any more looks. Maybe not at you, specifically, but like, no more looks in general.

Bradley Cooper presents: A beard. Photo: Warner Bros.

Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die. Or maybe it’s time for me to take another look at you, bearded Jackson Maine.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Hey! Let’s take one last look — at each other. See you in the shallow.

Just Wanted to Take Another Look at You: A Photo Essay