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Avatar Picks a New Font a Year After SNL’s ‘Papyrus’ Sketch

Ryan Gosling in SNL’s “Papyrus” sketch. Photo: SNL

It’s been a little over a year since SNL writer Julio Torres gave us the truly riveting “Papyrus” sketch starring Ryan Gosling, and now, it’s officially made a lasting impact on Avatar itself. While we can count on James Cameron to release a whopping four Avatar sequels over the next seven years, one thing won’t be returning with the franchise, and that’s — you guessed it — the Papyrus font. Here’s the new logo that was revealed this week:

The updated Avatar logo. Photo: officialavatar via Twitter

And here’s last year’s “Papyrus” SNL sketch:

As the old saying goes, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We can think of no better example than Torres.

A Year After SNL’s ‘Papyrus’ Sketch, Avatar Picks a New Font