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American Gods Still Looks Extra As Hell in This Season Two Trailer

After heavy production delays, multiple dismissed or sidelined showrunners, and reported frustration by the cast that has resulted in them rewriting their own dialogue out of dissatisfaction with script pages, Starz finally has some season-two footage for fans of American Gods. Budget battles have plagued Gods since its early days, but to the people writing the checks, we offer these words of encouragement: Your show still looks superexpensive in a good way! In this first look at the much anticipated second season, Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday is still extremely cool. Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) is still extremely hot and overwhelmed by this whole thing. Laura Moon (Emily Browning) is still a decaying, walking corpse, and the new gods are still dead set on overthrowing the old ones once and for all. The series returns in 2019.

American Gods Still Looks Extra As Hell in Season 2 Trailer