Quiz: Can You Guess the Beautiful Boy Music Cue?

Which muted ‘70s rock song plays over this moment? Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Reviews for Beautiful Boy have so far been fairly mixed, but there are two things critics can agree on about Felix Van Groeningen’s addiction drama: (1) As Steve Carell’s meth-addled son, Timothée Chalamet turns in another heart-wrenching performance, and (2) the film features some of the most on-the-nose needle drops since Suicide Squad. (And yes, this is perhaps the first and only time Beautiful Boy has been mentioned in the same sentence as Suicide Squad.) To celebrate the film’s healthy opening in limited release this past weekend, which may have reinvigorated its Oscar hopes after a muted festival reception, we’ve put together this quiz. We’ll give you a moment from the movie, you guess which high-profile song Van Groeningen shelled out the cash to soundtrack it with. Close your eyes, have no fear, the monster’s gone, this quiz is here!

Can You Guess the Beautiful Boy Music Cue?

We'll give you the scene. You give us the song.

Which song plays in the film’s intro, when the camera is panning around Chalamet’s empty room?
When Carell Googles “meth,” which song accompanies his research?
Chalamet’s transition from loving kid to angry teen is symbolized by his love for which song?
At one point, Carell and Chalamet share a joint. Which track plays while they smoke up?
Which song plays when the movie flashes back to a father-son surfing trip in happier days?
The film contains a montage in which Chalamet attends college and gets a girlfriend. Which song accompanies this montage?
Which spooky tune soundtracks Carell paging through the journal in which Chalamet reveals the depths of his drug addiction?
Which song does Carell sing to Chalamet’s character when he’s a little kid?
At another point in the film, Chalamet drives by himself from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Which song plays over this trip?
Later, Chalamet prepares to leave San Francisco, while the film flashes back to his high-school graduation. Which song plays over this trip?
Beautiful Boy often reminds us that “relapse is part of recovery.” Which song soundtracks one heartbreaking relapse?
Late in the film, which Broadway tune symbolizes the passage of time?
Finally, which classical work plays over the movie’s closing scenes?

Quiz: Can You Guess the Beautiful Boy Music Cue?