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Condoms and IUDs Compete Bachelorette-Style in This Big Mouth Season 2 Clip

Ahead of the season two Big Mouth premiere on Netflix this Friday, we’ve got an extra-special treat for you. In this clip from the new season, Leah (Kat Dennings) familiarizes herself with the many contraceptive options there are out there in a very Bachelorette-style show called “Miss Conception,” in which everything from a condom (“Did we just hug? I couldn’t feel anything … I’m just kidding, I felt it a tiny bit”) to birth control pills (“You have to make a commitment to me every day”) to a diaphragm (“Your mother and I were really good friends”) compete to win the coveted rose.

A standout performance comes when the Jenny Slate–voiced implant is forced to deal with Leah’s (spoiler alert) rejection: “It’s hard enough to be open in today’s world, and like, I offered to be fully implanted, and I think that is a rare find! Just meet a contraceptive that’s like ‘I will implant today, and I can guarantee you that I will be there for you for three years.’ But obviously, if that’s not enough, maybe she’s not the person that I should be protecting. Like, maybe I should be protecting myself!”

Catch the rest when Big Mouth heads to Netflix this Friday, October 5.

Big Mouth Clip: Contraceptives Compete Bachelorette-Style