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Bo Burnham Wants to ‘Tear Down’ Those ‘Masculine Bullsh*t’ Comedy Clubs

Photo: CBS Photo Archive/CBS via Getty Images

Bo Burnham sat for a conversation with Michael Schulman during the New Yorker Festival on Saturday, and the takes were strong. After unpacking how comedy helped Trump win the presidency, the comedian-turned-filmmaker was asked by Schulman if he’d ever return to comedy. “I think I’d love to do it again. I don’t have an idea and that’s the problem other than getting up and just doing Make Happy again, just like a different version of that,” he said before noting that aside from the challenging landscape comedy now faces, there’s also the fact that well, he hates stand-up clubs. “I hated those fucking comedy clubs, fucking brick two minimum masculine bullshit places,” he said. “They self-selected one type of thing, of course women feel fucking awful to come, have you been there? Anyone that’s even vaguely not like the most masculine person in the world feels uncomfortable there.” But luckily Burnham has a quick fix, “Tear them down, they’re from the goddamn ‘80’s.”

Bo Burnham Thinks We Should ‘Tear Down’ Comedy Clubs