These Fans Camping at Citi Field for a Week Care About BTS More Than You Care About Your Own Life

Unless you’ve camped outside a baseball stadium against the stadium’s specific request for a full workweek or more, you have yet to unlock the level of fandom exhibited by the hundreds of BTS Army members currently sleeping in tents outside Queens’ Citi Field ahead of Saturday’s concert. In the video above, Billboard’s Kevan Kenney interviewed fans of the K-pop group, some of whom have spent close to a week in the elements for the show, BTS’s first stadium concert in the United States. Some people arrived with just an umbrella! They weathered a terrible rainstorm on Tuesday! A few of them might have flown in from South Korea!

And in case you were assuming this level of devotion must be inspired by free or at least available tickets, the answer appears to be no. The show is completely sold out, and Citi Field tweeted that they won’t be handing out wristbands to ticket holders until Saturday morning regardless. On the other hand…have you heard “Fake Love?”

BTS Fans Camping Out at Citi Field for a Week Before Concert