Love Yourself and Listen to RM’s New Solo Mixtape Right This Second

RM. Photo: RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Still recovering from the Sunday Scaries? There’s a hack for that: BTS leader RM has just released his second solo mixtape (except he’s calling it a playlist because this one’s all Namjoon, baby). Hot off re-signing with BigHit for another seven years, these tracks are the free therapy your body, soul, and bank account collectively require to ease into whatever fresh hell this week will inevitably bring. (A note for the uninitiated, BTS members regularly release solo work.) At seven tracks clocking in at just 24 minutes, Mono sounds like how settling into a lukewarm bath feels: cleansing, just the right amount of steamy, and soothing to the touch. There are the slowest of bangers (“Slow rap, slow jam, slow rain, everything slow,” he whisper-raps on “forever rain” if you don’t believe me), moody bops, and the spirit of Nujabes all present. There’s also an exceptionally chill video for “Forever Rain” to go with it and all we really need next is one for “Moonchild” and we’ll have achieved peak Zen.

Love Yourself and Listen to RM’s New Solo Mixtape