This ‘Demetri Martin Shkreli’ Impression Is Both Hilarious and Terrifying

Earlier this week, the 11th annual Schtick or Treat comedy show took place in Brooklyn. The show, which always takes place right around Halloween, features a lineup of comedians who perform in disguise as characters, or in most cases, perform sets as impressions of famous comedians. Last year, Tyler Fischer’s performance as Bill Burr became one of the most passed-around clips from the show, and this year, comedian Jeremy Kaplowitz has gifted us all with a very special Halloween shtick of his own: “Demetri Martin Shkreli.” The premise alone is funny enough, but Kaplowitz follows it up with a short set that marries large-notepad-based material and, you know, hiking up the prices for cancer drugs.

Other Schtick or Treat highlights include Michael Salgarolo as Woke Andrew Dice Clay:

Ben Fisher Jimmy Fallon:

J.P. McDade as Sebastian Maniscalco:

And Chrissie Mayr as Michelle Wolf:

This ‘Demetri Martin Shkreli’ Impression Is Hilarious, Scary