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Netflix Renews Élite for Second Season Because Horny Teen Dramas Are All We Have Now

Netflix Elite
Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf lives again in Lucrecia! Photo: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes/Netflix/Manuel Fernandez-Valdes

Give Netflix your tired, your extremely rich private-school students, your drama queens yearning to gossip, the wretched rumors of your school days — and Netflix will give you a second season! The extremely horny, extremely murder-y, extremely good Spanish high-school drama Élite has been picked up for season two, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The creative team behind the original season — Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona, and Spain’s Zeta Audiovisual — will return, too. Netflix didn’t give any details on what exactly season two will bring.

In season one, now streaming on Netflix, three working-class students are sent to a ritzy private school. Their arrival ruffles a lot of rich-kid feathers, and the trio must navigate new friendships, assignments, and relationships, all while the show foreshadows a grisly murder on campus. Everyone is hot and everyone is having lots of sex, or wishing they were having a lot of sex. High-school dramas, forever!

Netflix Renews Élite For Second Season