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Eminem Rapping “Venom” on Top of the Empire State Building Is the Superhero We Deserve

You might feel all sorts of ways about Venom, but seeing Eminem perform the antihero’s titular song on top of the Empire State Building on Jimmy Kimmel Live! will definitely make you wish he was real. Either so he could enjoy the performance himself or so he can eat your eyeballs. (Haven’t seen the film yet. Just presuming eyeball consumption.)

Between handing Eminem (and Jimmy Kimmel) control of a historical landmark and giving a shout-out to a homicidal alien symbiotic, this whole performance feels like it should have been a Venom in-movie cameo, Alice Cooper in Wayne’s World–style, that ends with, let’s say, Eminem getting his eyeballs eaten after successfully saving a horrified tour group. If that actually does happen in the movie, we’re sorry.

Eminem Raps “Venom” on Top of the Empire State Building