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Every HBO Sex Scene Will Now Have Required ‘Intimacy’ Supervision

Photo: HBO

HBO has enjoyed a long and exciting history as a network filled with the freakiest sex stuff, and now, they’re making it safer for actors who have to engage in that aforementioned freaky sex. As first reported in Rolling Stone, HBO is requiring every “intimate” scene — be it foreplay, oral, or just the good ole’ fashioned bangin’ — in their programming slate to be “staffed by an intimacy coordinator,” effective immediately. This comes after the second season of The Deuce, about the porn industry in 1970s New York City, became the first series on the network to implement such a practice with Alicia Rodis, who has since gone on to be the intimacy coordinator for Crashing and the forthcoming Deadwood movie. “Even I didn’t understand the scope of just how much this had been ignored, and for how long,” Rodis told Rolling Stone about the need for this type of job. “There is such a power dynamic on sets, so much pressure and this sense that as an actor you just suck it up and do it.” You listening, Showtime?

Every HBO Sex Scene Will Now Have ‘Intimacy’ Coordinators