Alicia Vikander May Also Play Gloria Steinem in Julianne Moore’s Gloria Steinem Movie

Imagine the facemash! Photo: Getty Images

Two of the world’s foremost sweater-wearing Oscar-winning actresses are merging into one being. According to Deadline, Alicia Vikander is in talks to join Julianne Moore’s Gloria Steinem biopic … to also play Gloria Steinem. “Vikander will play Steinem from about age 20-40, during her formative years,” Deadline explains. “Julianne Moore has already signed on to play Steinem as she grew from a reluctant spokesperson of a movement, into a galvanizing symbol for equality.” Julie Taymor is directing the movie, which is based on Steinem’s memoir, My Life on the Road. Taymor wrote the script with playwright Sarah Ruhl, which means it will likely be a brilliantly strange version of a biopic, hopefully full of dream sequences and puppets (give us the puppets, Julie!). According to Deadline, the movie’s also planning to have two more actresses play Steinem at younger stages of her life. Do they also need to have Oscars?

Alicia Vikander in Talks to Play Steinem With Julianne Moore