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Halloween Might Break the October Box Office Record, and Jamie Lee Curtis Will Boast About It

Photo: Ryan Green/Night Blade Holdings LLC.

According to Variety, the new Halloween has not only won the weekend box office race, but it might just have the biggest October opening of all time. The sequel to the original 1978 film is set 40 years after the events of the original film, and it also ignores all the sequels, which means you barely have to do any prep work to get what’s going on! And that, paired with some excellent reviews, seems to have drawn audiences in droves, with 2018’s Halloween set to bring in at least $80 million on its first weekend. That puts it just $255,000 behind Venom, which holds the current record for biggest opening weekend in October. So, if enough people are into taking their Sunday scaries to the next level, we could have a new record. Obviously, Jamie Lee Curtis is thrilled.

Halloween Might Break the October Box Office Record