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Hear Natalie Portman’s Staten Island Accent in Vox Lux Trailer

You really thought pop icon Ally Maine was the only star to be born in 2018? Meet Natalie Portman’s Celeste, the glittering, drunken pop icon at the center of Brady Corbet’s Vox Lux. After she survives a violent trauma as a teenager in the 1990s, Celeste and her sister Eleanor (Stacy Martin) write a song about their pain, and Celeste skyrockets to stardom. But in present day, Celeste, now 31, drinks white wine out of a coffee cup and juggles disasters of her own making. Jude Law, playing her manager, also does a fake deep voice that is not nearly as successful as Bradley Cooper’s deep voice. See it in theaters December 7.

Correction: A previous version of this post said Natalie Portman’s Vox Lux accent was from Long Island. Her character Celeste actually uses a Staten Island accent. Vulture regrets the error.

Hear Natalie Portman Do Staten Island Accent in Vox Lux