How to Get Away With Murder Recap: A Case of Vehicular Homicide

How to Get Away With Murder

Whose Blood Is That?
Season 5 Episode 2
Editor’s Rating 4 stars

How to Get Away With Murder

Whose Blood Is That?
Season 5 Episode 2
Editor’s Rating 4 stars
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I know How to Get Away With Murder won’t give it to me but sometimes I wish this show was just about the client of the week. This week featured Annalise and the Keating Gang (along with Annalise’s clinic students) defending a Rohingya Muslim woman who married her English teacher to secure citizenship. Why was Annalise defending this woman in a class-action suit? BECAUSE THE WOMAN PLED GUILTY TO MURDERING HER WIFE WITH HER CAR. I would like an entire podcast dedicated to this fictional case. This should be season four of Serial. But I know that How to Get Away With Murder is more interested in the personal lives of its main characters instead of the incredibly interesting cases. But I guess we’ll talk about all the drama in the lives of these characters. Let’s get to it.

Everyone is getting their new apartments set up and Annalise is moving into a very nice and very expensive apartment. What kind of real estate is available in this moderately sized East Coast town? Meanwhile, Laurel can’t find child care! Women, can they have it all? The hot lab tech comes to see Nate with more information about the mysterious DNA. Can she just give him all the information at once or is she going to bring him a series of small clues over and over? Small clues? Got it.

Frank is playing one-on-one with a very sweaty Gabriel and he tries to clone Gabriel’s phone but he’s got a flip phone. Gabriel is a murderer. That’s my prediction. That’s the only reason you have a flip phone in the year 2018.

Annalise presents the most interesting case in the history of law and all of the students put forth their ideas to get the client out of jail. Annalise goes with Michaela’s plan and Michaela immediately turns into a cutthroat monster. She also believes that this case is some sort of cosmic retribution for Simon. Annalise snaps her back to reality. If their client is deported, she’s definitely going to be killed. Good luck, Michaela.

Back in the Caplan & Gold office, Michaela realizes that everyone hates her and Teagan realizes exactly who is going to be parading around the office. Laurel tries to apologize to Teagan and Annalise by asking if she can get Baby Christopher into Caplan & Gold’s day care.

Asher decides that since he didn’t get into Annalise’s clinic, he’s going to show up at the DA’s office and beg for a job. Everything about him is off-putting and it seems like the show has no idea what to do with Asher now that he’s not dating Michaela. AND SPEAKING OF MICHAELA, she’s busy cross-examining their client’s public defender who didn’t explain to her how a plea deal works and had eight other clients. He goes on a tirade in the courtroom that no one stops. Someone should have said something. He just started screaming “MY TESTIMONY” and screaming that Annalise can’t fix an unjust system. The prosecution introduces that the client of the week was previously married to a man so obviously, she’s straight and her marriage was a sham. The client says that her marriage to her wife started as a platonic relationship but grew into the realest life she’s ever felt. Time to find a new strategy.

Michaela cannot handle being told that her strategy isn’t going to work anymore and confronts Annalise in front of the rest of the clinic. “I’m not Bonnie.” Leave poor Bonnie out of this. She’s got enough to deal with. Annalise cuts her down to size and brings in Oliver to help her investigate. Frank takes Baby Christopher out as an excuse to talk to a hot girl in the street at night. Bonnie is having dinner with Ron in his office when she kisses him. Everyone is getting it in.

Emmett goes to see Annalise in her office and he starts out friendly and offers Annalise a new case. “The Psycho CEO.” He tries to work with her but she wants to do the cases she wants.

Laurel goes to Frank’s house to pick up the baby and the hot chick is upstairs. Frank doesn’t understand why Laurel would not want him banging a stranger while her baby is asleep in the other room. It’s not immoral but it’s definitely uncouth. Also, who is this woman who is ready to have sex with this guy who is just walking around with another woman’s baby?

Annalise has Oliver look into the client’s son’s records. Their newest theory is that the children must have pressured their client into taking a plea deal or tried to blackmail her. They find he has an account on an alt-right website. Ruh roh.

Back in court, Annalise goes after the son to make him confess on the stand. That’s the plan. Get him to confess to the murder ON THE STAND. He starts saying things like, “People like you set us back.” Annalise starts revealing all kinds of info (she doesn’t have) to trick him into confessing. He eventually takes the bait and calls Annalise “a stain on the country” for her work to get people retrials and says the same thing about the client of the week. Next thing you know, he’s being led out in cuffs.

Turns out the woman Frank was sleeping with was Gabriel’s roommate and Frank bribed her to kick Gabriel out. Then Gabriel got an apartment in Asher’s building and Frank installed nanny cams everywhere. WHAT A PLAUSIBLE STORY LINE! Asher shows up at the DA’s office one more time and says that Ron’s speech is too soft and he should be tough on crime and distance himself from Denver. Ron is impressed and hires Asher on the spot.

Laurel has a meeting with Teagan and Emmett and tells them that her mother was the Jane Doe who ratted out Laurel’s dad. Can we be done with Laurel’s family? Let’s be done with this. They get Baby Christopher into the Caplan & Gold day care. Emmett comes to see Annalise and he’s not so friendly this time. He chastises her and forces her to take the Psycho CEO case.

Annalise and Bonnie have a very awkward dinner at Annalise’s new apartment and Bonnie breaks down about how much she likes Ron. Annalise is like, “Girl, even for me, that’s messy.” But Bonnie is happy and if Ron knew everything in Bonnie’s file, he wouldn’t be interested in her. Nate is examining the file about the birth of Bonnie’s baby. The baby was abandoned at a hospital but it was kidnapped from the hospital. There’s someone in a very grainy photo that could be Bonnie walking out with the baby.

Finally, we flash forward to the wedding and Bonnie takes Baby Christopher into bathroom to wipe off the blood. Michaela and Laurel storm into the bathroom to find her but only Michaela notices the blood on Bonnie’s leg. “Whose blood is that? Tell me whose blood that is.” Repeat with a slow fade to darkness.

How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Vehicular Homicide