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Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson’s Rom-Com Has Liam Hemsworth in a Towel

Sure, today belongs to the spooky, but Isn’t It Romantic would like you to fast-forward to the lovey dovey stuff. The Rebel Wilson romantic-comedy is I Feel Pretty-adjacent: Wilson stars as Natalie, a woman who takes a bad fall and wakes up in her very own romantic-comedy, complete with Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me).” Suddenly, Natalie’s apartment is nicer, he clothes are more expensive, her hair is shinier — and all her swear words are bleeped out, because her life’s only rated PG-13. Wilson gets to smooch Liam Hemsworth, and her sidekicks are Adam Devine and Priyanka Chopra. See it in theaters February 14, 2019.

Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson’s Stuck in a Rom-Com