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Jaboukie Young-White Reminds Trevor Noah That He’s Old and So Is Our Voting System

On Thursday, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show With Trevor Noah  announced that Jaboukie Young-White as its newest correspondent, specifically as the senior youth correspondent. For his Daily Show debut, which aired tonight, 24-year-old Young-White spoke to Noah about why young people don’t vote — pausing to remind “vintage millennial” Noah that they are on opposite sides of the youth spectrum — how they should be asking why the youth vote is being suppressed, and how voting isn’t youth friendly by design. “Like why do we still use paper to vote?” Young-White offers. “Paper is over. I don’t even use paper to wipe my ass. I use a bidet. And like, why do I have to go out to vote? Can’t you just Postmates the election to me? Like, oh, Tony will be here in 20 minutes with my ballot and my seaweed salad? Dope.” Young-White also brings up voter identification requirements and how voting takes place on Tuesdays (“You want young people to vote, make Election Day a national holiday.”). This comedian on the rise is definitely one to keep watching.

Jaboukie Young-White: Trevor Noah, Our Voting System Are Old